SHS Shops 'Til They Drop

Every Friday after Thanksgiving millions of Americans engage in the wholesome family fun, value destroying shopping spree known as Black Friday (or Thursday as many stores open on Thursday now-a-days). As a nation, we spend millions of dollars on gifts on Black Friday. Some really enjoy the “holiday” and literally can’t wait to get in the stores, hence the long lines of shoppers. While many enjoy it, there are some that can’t stand Black Friday, and think that it ruins the Thanksgiving holiday.

A common response to “What do you think about Black Friday?” is usually not very positive. Junior Brooke Kordys said, “It is not Black Friday, it’s Black Thursday, because the stores open up on Thanksgiving Day, which is wrong. It used to be a lot of fun though!” This opinion must be a common one, because when asking Juliana French, a senior here at SHS, if she though Black Friday was worth it she responded, “Yes, for people with money it works well for them, but it definitely brings out the ugly side of Americans. I agree with Brooke though, it’s called ‘Black Friday’ for a reason, not ‘Black Thursday.’” More >>