Poetry Speaks at SWIC

On Friday, February 27th, the Poetry Out Loud competition took place at SWIC, after school tryouts the previous Tuesday. Poetry Out Loud is a competition where students choose from a list of 800+ poems, then recite them as best they can. The only requirement for joining is that you must memorize the poem, and go to tryouts. Participants are judged for physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, level of complexity, evidence of understanding, and overall performance, for a maximum of 47 points. Two students from SHS went to the competition at SWIC: Juliana French, and Carmen Jones, who were the top participants in the local tryouts.

English teacher Laura Borger organized the event. "The purpose of the event is to get students to enjoy poetry", Ms. Borger said. She added, "There's a cash prize of $200 dollars, and the trip to state. You win $500 dollars in books for your school if you win state and another trip to nationals. If you win the whole thing, you get $50,000 towards your tuition." More >>