Riding with Roscoe

It was a fun filled day out at the Misselhorn Art Gallery on Saturday, September 13th. The day included a bike ride, music, and activities for kids. Around thirty people showed up for the bike ride in the morning. The distances that the riders could choose from were ten, twenty, and thirty miles. Many decided to do the twenty mile ride out to the shooting complex and back. The ride included snacks and drinks for all the bicyclers. At the end of the ride they also got yellow Riding with Roscoe t-shirts. Proceeds benefitted the Misselhorn Art Foundation Scholarship.

It was a perfect day to ride bikes. Ms. Balleto, the art teacher here at SHS, also participated in the ride. “It was a beautiful day. Started out a little chilly, but as the day went on it got really nice out,” commented Ms. Balleto. The ten mile ride was around town, the twenty mile was around town and out to the shooting complex, and the forty mile was around town, out to the shooting complex, and then to Walsh. Inspiration for the event came from Roscoe’s tendency to ride his bike around town. More >>