Gone Fishing

One of the newest teams to hit Sparta high school and it is just now kicking off, fishing team. The fishing team has had a few meetings in the past and is still having them, most of them are lessons to hone their skills. These lessons include how to flick a lure under a dock or the best way to cast from a boat. These lessons are being held after school “I’ve had a passion for being outdoors, I love to hunt and fish. Other people should join because it is one of the fastest growing sports” says Brad Vallroy.

Yet none of this would be possible or even exist if it wasn’t for Will Weatherford has taking it upon himself to starting the team, the reason for it is, “To teach kids to help the environment, and teach kids to fish competitively in a safe manner” This team is a good way for a person to increase their skills and get some time on the water at the same time. More >>