Sparta Homecoming 2009

homecoming football game

Sparta faced Nashville for the homecoming football game

Time for Homecoming! Students celebrated this year with all of the events that have become homecoming traditions at SHS, including dress-up days, the talent show, the olympics, and of course, the dance.

In the week leading up to homecoming, students participated in dress-up days including pajama day, pink day to observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, decade day, hillbilly day, and finally on Friday of the homecoming game, blue and white day.

As students got ready for '09's homecoming, they started signing up for this year's talent show and the olympics. The talent show was held on Friday of homecoming weekend during first through third hours. With this year's talent show Sparta had three dance groups, one singing act, and two music groups. The first musical act was senior Taylor Wilson and band teacher Rob Jasper who played tubas for a duet. Senior Hunter Beattie, art teacher Terry Waldron, and district superintendent Larry Beattie formed a band called the Wannabeatles and played two songs by the Beatles.

When the talent show was done and over with the students went back to their third, fourth, fifth and sixth hour classes, then got called out of sixth hour for the other half of the day's events.

The activities planned for the olympics were tug-of-war, donut dangle, balloon stomp, balloon toss and shapes. However, the olympics were held indoors this year thanks to the weather conditions outside. The school had to change a few things around in order for it to work, but it worked out well. While the students were watching their classes battle against the other classes in the olympics they were cheering on the school as a whole. When it came down to find out who won the Olympics it was the class of '10.

That night, Sparta had their big homecoming game against Nashville. Sparta was trying to beat Nashville for their big homecoming game, but sadly they didn't win the game.

Now it came time that all the kids were looking forward to, the Homecoming Dance. The dance was held at the ATA on October 17, 2009, on a Saturday. The junior class sponsor Janet Gerlach said the theme for this year's homecoming was Hollywood. There was dancing and snacks at the dance for the students to have while the dance was going on.

Sophomore Courtney Rucks said, "It was OK, not that good of music but the decorations were beautiful. I liked it being at the Shooting Complex, it was better than at the Lions Club, it was bigger and stuff."

Sophomore Jenalee Stine also enjoyed the dance. She said, "Really cool decorations, just as fun as last year."

This year's Homecoming Kind and Queen were Ethan Renner and Rachel Peck.

All in all this year's homecoming week and dance were a big hit with the students and they all seemed to like how it was all put together and the way it looked.


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