Sparta High School Haiti Aid


The Beattie Waldron Band benefit concert

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During the two weeks that followed the January 12, 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, students and faculty came together to raise money to send down to aid the Haitians. Altogether, $3,000 dollars went to the American Red Cross, when the starting goal was only $200.

Money was collected during the Midwinter Classic, bake sales, and Soles for Souls and a concert by the Beattie Waldron Band. Unlike any other bake sale, the teachers held a sale as well as the Freshman-Senior classes. This was a competition to see if the teachers could beat all the classes combined. Fortunately, the teachers didn’t win, but it was close.

Janet Gerlach, teacher at SHS, organized the events. “[Personally], I am very proud and honored to work in a school that is so generous that they raised this much money for those in need!” said Mrs. Gerlach about the aid.

The Beattie Waldron Band consists of Larry Beattie, superintendent, Hunter Beattie, senior, Terry Waldron, art teacher, and Andy Waldron. Even though it was blizzard conditions outside, many kids and adults came and $255 was raised.

Soles for Souls was an effort to collect shoes to donate to the Haitians. “It tuned out great!” said Mrs. Gerlach. “We have a construction truck taking [the shoes] to Nashville, Tennessee this weekend.”

Jessie Shupbach, freshman at Sparta High, said, “I think [Haiti Aid] was a very good thing. Everyone pitched in and helped people they didn’t even know. Lots of people did [this] as a competition, but whatever it takes.” As many feel in the school, she has two opinions about the aid. “Haiti needed our help even before the earthquake, so we should've helped them before anyway.”

Still there were some who didn’t like the Haiti Aid effort at all. As a sophomore at Sparta, Sharron Palmer said, “We need to help our own country’s financial problems before we help other countries by giving them our money.”

Overall, thanks to the community, students, staff, and faculty of SHS, the Haiti Aid was a huge success. $3,000 will help the Haitians out a lot.


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